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Interesting and (perhaps) socially relevant FB music video story; an eyebrow-raising claim

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Interesting and (perhaps) socially relevant FB music video story; gives us some WTF vibes. We wonder if it means anything.

Joshua Kim Music got a copyright claim to a video made over 3 years ago with around 17 songs.


These were all played and performed by the artist himself, Joshua Kim, in his room:

So what were the violations? It really wasn’t what we expected.

It was Fantaisie Impromptu in C-Sharp Minor, Op. 66. A song composed by Frederic Chopin. In 1834. And published in 1855. Definitely public domain. And a lot of artists have covers of this song.

So who would make a copyright claim over a public domain song from over 160 years ago against a local artist’s 3-year-old bedroom music video?

Oh. Uh. Isn’t there a war going on over there now? Isn’t there a counter-offensive going on? And a gigantic flood and ecological disaster? Why is someone filing copyright claims on public domain music that’s hundreds of years old? I’m kind of nervous to keep digging now. People in those 2 territories will not be able to listen to Joshua’s Fantasie-Impromptu. All 34 seconds of it.


For everyone else, here’s the original video for you to enjoy in all its glory: