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Inah Evans is pretty cool.

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We were honored and excited to make Ms Inah Evan's website, inahevans.com. Her videos have always been hilarious, entertaining, and memorable. We're not the only ones to think so, as she was just recently signed by Vice Ganda.

But she can be... controversial. Her Facebook page frequently gets banned, so it can become a hunt to find her newest one. She also has several other channels on Youtube and Instagram, and now Tiktok, so it can be confusing to keep track for many fans.

So we made her website consolidate and pull her latest social media content from each channel. She also lists her story and timeless highlights. And if she gets banned on an account, then we'll make her website point to her new one, or to any new channel she creates, and it's easier for her fans to find her online!

As part of making her website, we did an online interview of her. We had no intention of making a podcast of it, but her story was quite inspiring and moving to us here in the office, we just had to. With Ms Inah's permission, of course. Our art director, Ms. Katherine Bercasio, wanted to say a few words about that. "I am moved by your advocacy, no matter how outlawish you put it out there. I am impressed that you always communicate humbly during our meetings - informal, formal, business, online - even if what you share are milestones after milestones of your success. You're a modern day unapologetic LGBTQ hero. "And please don't cringe if I bow down when I see you in person someday. "But what really hit me deeply is where this is all coming from. You're motivated by your love for your family and your mom. A lot of us only appreciate our parents when they're gone. You always put her first. You speak of a lot of things, from your humble beginnings and how she was there every step of the way. "You say you don't filter your words. No matter how rough they come out. But you switch instantly. 360 degrees turn around when you speak of your mom. Full of pride. Full of affection. And I love people who love their parents. "Sending you good vibes from Los Angeles, California on behalf of all the Fil-Ams here, gay, straight, and undefined. "Welcome to the Technomancer family!"